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Thread: Bunny Lines: The biggest Botox giveaway

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    Default Bunny Lines: The biggest Botox giveaway

    Everyone knows that a puffy duckbill lip or a permantly surprised raised brow means a celeb’s probably been dabbling in surgery of the cosmetic kind.

    These days, cheek and chin implants are blatant, and who wants a natural-looking boob job anymore? Hoist ’em high, sisters.

    But how can you tell if a star — or your friend! — has been under the needle, not the knife? Look for bunnies — and not the darling, furry, hoppity-hop kind.

    Bunny lines are the latest subtle yet commonplace facial feature among A-listers. Celebs such as Nicole Kidman, Mickey Rourke, Sylvester Stallone and Renée Zellweger all have them.

    They’re the crinkly wrinkles on both sides of the nose that often appear as a direct result and telltale sign of Botox-related paralysis — and they get their name from the cute way bunnies scrunch up their noses. On people, though, it’s not so cute.

    “The most common cause of bunny lines is repeated use of Botox to the glabella — the area between the eyebrows — and forehead region,” says Park Avenue plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Schwarcz. “The muscles on either side of the nose become hyperactive with smiling to overcompensate for the lack of movement in the forehead and around the eyes.”

    Great — if it’s not one wrinkle, it’s another, right?

    But there’s no need to stop smiling on the red carpet, ladies. Turn that frown upside down, because, ironically, the bunny line culprit is also the cure.

    “When people find these lines objectionable, Botox is the best way to eradicate them,” says Dr. Lawrence Reed of the Reed Center for Plastic Surgery, who emphasizes that bunny lines may also occur naturally.

    “Very often when I’m using Botox to treat the crow’s-feet around the eyes, the patient may request that I treat the bunny lines as well.”

    Because if you paralyze them, they won’t be able to move anymore. Naturally.
    Bunny lines

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    oooook but my mum had those wrinkles too and she never used botox.

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    Yea...those wrinkles don't just happen because of botox, they happen because of age too. My grandma and my aunts all have those lines and none of them have done botox.

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    Exactly, it's not bunny lines that are telling of Botox. It's vertical lines down
    the sides of the nosebridge.
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    you already know.


    nicole kidman looks so scary awful these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bizzyrose View Post
    Yea...those wrinkles don't just happen because of botox, they happen because of age too. My grandma and my aunts all have those lines and none of them have done botox.
    But, I bet they are a botox give away if they also have the shiny, wrinkle-less forehead.

    I think I have those lines -- natural aging in my case too.

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