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Thread: Keeping up with the cosmetic surgery

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    Default Keeping up with the cosmetic surgery

    Kim Kardashian, star of the E! reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, has recently reported to People magazine that a member of her clan would soon be going under the knife. Kim says, ďSomeone in the Kardashian family will soon have plastic surgeryÖ I canít tell you who, but someone in my family will look totally different and viewers will see it all on the show very soon.Ē While all three Kardashian sisters have openly admitted to using the VelaShape laser treatment for cellulite, Kim has denied rumors of having more invasive procedures such as breast and butt implants, even posting photos from her youth in an attempt to prove her voluptuous curves have been there all along. Kim adds that while she hasnít had plastic surgery yet, she plans on a breast lift in the future.

    Others in the Kardashian family do not appear to have such a natural past. According to, Kimís sister Kourtney went from flat-chested to curvy and is widely believed to have undergone breast augmentation. Her step-father Bruce Jenner has also clearly had facial work done to ease the aging process, as has Kimís mother, Kris Jenner. Could little brother Robert be next to go under the knife? Or will it be sister Khloe? Whoever it is, we wish them a healthy recovery as we eagerly await their big reveal!
    Celebrity Plastic Surgery......: Keeping Up with the Cosmetic Surgery

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    I hope its bruce

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    I think it was Bruce, she said this a while back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    I think it was Bruce, she said this a while back
    Yes-this one is old as the Hills.
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    you already know.


    whoah! i knew kim had at least 2 nose jobs/refinements but it looks more like 3, she'll never be satisfied imo and i think she's gone too far now. her cheeks are too big and nose too small, but thats my opinion. too bad, so sad.

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