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Thread: Victoria Beckham with fluffy Dior winter boots in Courchevel, France (04/04/2007)

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    Those boots are awful -- I bet they weigh more than she does. The boots are much curvier than Posh is, too!

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    Thank God she covered up her ulna bones this time. She's so skeletal she makes me gag. There's a reason healthy humans react this way to images of people on the verge of starvation - it's a built-in defense mechanism. It's like a big red warning flag saying, DANGER! Something vital to the survival of the species has gone seriously wrong and is in need of attention.

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    her hair is just ridiculous. and those freakin pants???????? gawd
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    I don't like her haird, too. She was cute before... maybe she's so skinny because she's stressed... her husband fucks everything but her. That must be frustrating! Ghghghgh!

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    "stressed" LOLOL She's a fucked up anorexic who only cares about herself OK?
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    I don't think the blonde suits her at all BUT I have to give props to the colorist who did it. He/She did a good job with the color. There are several different shades in there but they are all quite nice. I am sure it cost a pretty penny too.

    Still doesn't suit her though.

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