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Thread: Uma Thurman enjoying a day on the beach (07/0?/2006)

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    Default Re: Uma Thurman enjoying a day on the beach (07/0?/2006)

    Her breast size increased dramatically from last year. Her body must tend to put on weight in the breasts first.

    And I agree with you, Dakodas, that one piece swimsuits look better when they're underwire. It's unfortunate that most aren't made with underwires, though.

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    Default Re: Uma Thurman enjoying a day on the beach (07/0?/2006)

    Quote Originally Posted by wakeupinBOSTON
    ok, she has big breasts, which means they cannot be perky little mosquito bites. Breast HANG. only fake boobs stick straight out. Second, she's a 40yr old woman who has breast fed 2 kids. Her tits look good enough for her to snag a multi-millionaire hotel developer so I guess they're not that bad.
    Calm the heck down, for pete's sake.
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