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Thread: Tyra Banks at the Producers Guild Awards (01/21/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelbarrow View Post
    I have an ugly beanie baby that has the same hair.

    Tyra doesn't look like herself anymore.

    it's kiwi isn't it.

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    If you're ever in Walmart or Target go down the black hiar care isle. You will see things that are meant to "even out the skin" from dark blotches but in reality it lightens your skin about 2 or 3 shades. Speaking of keeping a tan...Beyonce is notorious for that. I had no clue how light she was until I saw her under arms at the London Premier of Dream Girls. She is only a TAD bit lighter than Mariah Carey...and Mariah carey is pale.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mira View Post
    White person duh here... how does one bleach their skin? Any why do some blacks "keep a tan" when they are self-referenced "high yellow" and others bleach their skin? Personally if I had really dark skin and dark hair I'd be much happier, but then the grass is always greener...

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