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Thread: Tara Reid at the Sundance Festival (01/20/2007)

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    Dance: ten; Looks; three.
    And I' still on unemployment,
    Dancing for my own enjoyment.
    That ain't it, kid. That ain't it, kid.

    "Dance: ten; Looks; three,"
    I like to die!
    Left the theatre and
    Called the doctor for
    My appointment to buy...

    Tits and ass.
    Bought myself a fancy pair.
    Tightened up the derriere.
    Did the nose with it.
    All that goes with it.

    Tits and ass!
    Had the bingo-bongos done.
    Suddenly I'm getting nash'nal tours!
    Tits and ass won't get you jobs
    Unless they're yours.

    Didn't cost a fortune neither.
    Didn't hurt my sex life either.

    Flat and sassy,
    I would get the strays and losers.
    Beggars really can't be choosers.
    That ain't it, kid. That ain't it, kid.

    Fised the chassis.
    "How do you do!"
    Life turned into and
    Endless medley of
    "Gee it had to be you!"

    Tits and ass!
    Where the cupboard once was bare
    Now you knock and someone's there.
    You have got 'em, hey.
    Top to bottom, hey.

    It's a gas!
    Just a dash of silicone.
    Shake your new maracas and you fine!
    Tits and ass can change your life.
    They sure changed mine.

    Have it all done.
    Honey, take my word.
    Grab a cab, c'mon.
    See the wizard on
    Park and Seventy-Third

    Tits and ass.
    Orchestra or balcony.
    What they want is whatcha see.
    Keep the best of you.
    Do the rest of you.

    Pits or class.
    I have never seen it fail.
    Debutante or chorus girl or wife.

    Tits and ass,
    Yes, tits and ass
    Have changed...
    Baby, by the time you have kids and they're in school, no one will care about you.

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    Wandering with my puglet...


    Or not in poor Tara's case... her tits are wonky and she's still outta work! Ha ha ha
    Curiouser and curiouser...

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    My mum's friend met her at the Magic Millions carnival that she attended while she was in Australia, and said she looked worse in person (yes, even worse than she's looked recently in photos) and was as drunk as a skunk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiffy View Post
    Is she unusually thin and narrow or is it just me?

    Also, it appears that she has no inner-thigh fat whatsoever... how does that happen?
    she got a crapload of lipo. shes a lipo queen.

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    PETA is gonna be getting her ass!

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