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Thread: Sienna Miller out & about in grey dress (01/08/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKAMissy View Post
    I was surprised to find out she's only 25. She looks older to me.
    Me too...that what living hard gets you.

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    Yawn. "Mira out and about in one of her myriad jeans and sweaters outfits." About as interesting as Sienna in her grey dress. Who the eff cares?! (Not dissing Wheelbarrow. Dissing Sienna.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunrider View Post
    I've only seen her a bit on "Keen Eddie" and she didn't really impress my there.
    The main difference between an actess and a model to me, is that an actress can tell a story very well, whereas a model can promote something of a product or look astondingly well compared to an average person. Both usually require some looks, though. An actress is n't required to be 5'10", and a lot of them are not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StayYoung&Pretty View Post
    She's so incredibly average, she reminds me of kirsten dunst.
    She's always reminded me of Kirsten. I really like the dress but agree with whoever said the necklace and shoes don't go with it.

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    Not one of her best looks. I don't like the necklace....especially with that dress.
    ~ Catharine

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