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Thread: Sharon Stone leaving the Kirk Douglas theatre (08/19/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsDark View Post
    Sharon Stone does look damn good in general, and especially for her age. But those tits look nasty here. Now I'm not saying they're fake, but here they look about as bad as Victoria Beckham's fakes: like cantaloupe halves shoved up under the skin and lying on top of a washboard!!
    ^Agree about the boobies. But she's damn gorgeous, still.
    Warren Beatty: actor, director, writer, producer.

    ***** celeb

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    Quote Originally Posted by VenusInFauxFurs View Post
    I kind of like her because she's crazy.

    Me too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NHKMM View Post
    Her lipstick look TERRIBLE.
    I know. What drugs is this woman on, that looks like shit.

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    Yeah, Mrs. Dark, I was thinking the same thing. Grapefruit halves bolted on. Not an attractive look, I've only ever seen that on people with fake boobs. If they are natural, she needs to ditch that bra pronto, it's not doing her any favors if it's making real boobs look fake.

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