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Thread: Shannon Doherty at "Breaking Up With Shannon Doherty" (07/12/2006)

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    Default Re: Shannon Doherty at "Breaking Up With Shannon Doherty" (07/12/2006)

    Quote Originally Posted by tiggle
    I can't think of other asymmetrical female celebrity. Can anyone else think of examples?
    I once saw this doc. on the science of beauty (with John Cleese using Liz Hurley as an example) and it basically said that having a face that looks symmetrical is essential for being considered beautiful.
    (looks-because no-ones face is really symmetrical i think)
    Kylie Minogue's face is asymmetrical...and her sister's - Dannii - is too. Both beautiful. Mariah Carey's face is also asymmetrical. I don't think that a beautiful face is a symmetrical one - it's a proportional one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mavado
    Yeah i saw once on Discovery how Halle Berry supposedly had the most symmetrical face too, but she's had work done, so i don't think it should count.
    Nicole Kidman's face is perfectly symmetrical and proportioned...And what has Halle had done? (I don't think that she's that pretty BTW...very plain, there's nothing special about her face)

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    Default Re: Shannon Doherty at "Breaking Up With Shannon Doherty" (07/12/2006)

    Looks like she has a filler in her top lip
    and that color lipstick isn't doing her any favors.

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    Default Re: Shannon Doherty at "Breaking Up With Shannon Doherty" (07/12/2006)

    she doesn't look too good...

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