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Thread: Is Sarah Michelle Gellar a "little person"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lennonfan View Post
    I'm aware of that, but I still think you can say that she did a lot for women of all races. It was always symbolically important that it was a woman who made that stand, so to speak, on the bus. Without knowing the full extent of the remarks, I don't see anything particularly wrong about what SMG said.
    Well, I'm sorry, I disagree. I think what SMG said was pretty stupid, especially coming from a white person. Give Rosa credit for what she did, which essentially had next to nothing to do with her gender, but her race. Sure, it's cool that a woman did it. I like that. But to speak about Rosa as a an activist for women with seemingly no mention of how she sparked a much-needed civil rights movement for her race strikes me as ignorant, if not downright disrespectful.
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    she has a horrid side profile

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    She looks small and cute in these photos,just like asian girls!I never thought she is so short!

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    Default Re: Is Sarah Michelle Gellar a "little person"?

    Quote Originally Posted by 2Charmed View Post
    I like SMG & FPJR, they make a cute couple. I am 4'11 1/2 and my husband is 6'1, so there is nothing wrong with shorties
    I'm 4'11"! Yay for us!

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