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Thread: Sarah Jessica Parker picks up her son from school in West Village, NY (09/11/2006)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ourmaninBusan View Post
    I'm not a huge fan of hers, but after having seen Kate Bosworth's
    skeletal chest, I'm glad to see SJP is actually healthy.

    I thought she wanted at least one more child - she has talked about having a girl to whom she could leave her Manolos
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    My daughter, when she was 4-5 yo's wore to school - rain galoshes (pink), flower shorts, and a polka dotted tshirt. None of which matched.
    When they want to pick out their clothes and be a "big kid" it's easier to let them have a choice, it helps them make better choices as grownups.

    And taking a picture when they are that young and dressed like that is great blackmail for when they have their first date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetrebel View Post
    ^^Want to think he dressed himself and she is letting him have that independence, but that reflects on you...the teachers and other mothers must be talking about her to no end
    She did in interview not too long ago saying her son likes to pick out his own clothes. He went through a phase of wanting to wear his Superman or Batman pj's everywhere.
    My son from the ages of 4 to 6 wore his cowboy boots everywhere and with anything. He would even put them back on after bathtime. I went through a phase of wanting to look like Walker Texas Ranger which meant boots, jeans (no shirts in the summertime), cowboy shirts, belt and of course a sheriff's badge. Then at age 6 it went to shorts, tee shirts and sandals even in the wintertime he wanted to wear shorts and sandals.
    My nephew when through a phase of loving the color green so he insisted on wearing green even if it was strips, solid or dots. He would see a green shirt he had to have it and this included socks.
    Personally I think its cute when kids decided to dress themselves

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetrebel View Post
    Who dressed that kid? Is he wearing jogging pants? Jogging pants that are too short I might add-with sandles?
    SJP told Ellen a while ago that James like to wear pajama everyday. He's old enough to be picky about what he want to wear. So it's not her fault he dresses the way he does.

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    Man, the kids cute! But I agree, questionable outfit.

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    They look like a healthy, well adjusted family to me.

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