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Thread: Salma Hayek, pregnant and walking around in Hollywood (07/16/07)

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    ^What exactly about her looks a mess? (just asking)

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    most of the time i see a pregnant woman and think 'aww she's having a baby'. not when i see pics of Salma. Good Lord she's HUGE! that childs going to walk out of her vajayjay
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    That's the thing---Salma is small and curvy. My body is a lot like hers, though I'm a couple of inches taller. When I was pregnant, I looked....well, like she looks. Taller women carry their pregnancies all elegantly and gorgeously, but smaller women carry it EVERYWHERE. But she'll be fine. She looks healthy, and she'll lose the weight in no time (I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes 2 weeks after giving birth).

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    Maybe it's that these are taken a little futher away than others I've seen recently, but she looks good. She was looking pretty dang big there for awhile. Of course, she's having a baby so she's excused. But she looks good here.
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    Salma is gorgeous...she looks cute prego, but yeah, I agree w/others...those boobies must be painful as hell.
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    my breasts were waaaay bigger than that. my bra looked like a ski cap for siamese twins joined at the neck. They were awful. Plus, I'm 5'3" so even 20 or 30 pounds makes us short gals HUGE. I'm totally giving Salma a pass. I'll rag on her if she doesn't lose the weight within a few months, but for now, I can't do it to her....
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