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Thread: Rose McGowan arriving at InStyle & WB Golden Globe after party (01/15/07)

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    ^Well she certainly DID NOT NEED plastic surgery.

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    I wonder if Marilyn Manson preferred head from her or himself.
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    She doesn't need all that makeup.

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    I love Rose. I think she's gorgeous & I love to see her act.

    That said, something is wrong here. This is the 2nd set of pictures I've seen recently where her face looks *off*

    At first, I thought it was a tad too much botox. I know firsthand that a little too much over the eyes can cause some temporary drooping. But now I'm not sure.... if you click on any of the closeup thumbnails, and then click it again to enlarge, not only can you see every stray eyebrow hair and every pore, blemish & bump, you can see something weird under her right eye. Looks swollen & discolored.

    I don't know what's going on with her face.

    Unfortunately, I don't like the dress, either. Just never been a fan of that lace-over-fabric look.
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