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Thread: Renee Zellweger @ 2007 Woman in Film Awards (06/15/07)

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    Never thought she was anything to look at! And what's the deal with her permanent squint?! I swear she has gone entire films without fully opening her eyes

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    in the twilight zone.


    I have honestly always thought she had the bulimic swollen look to her face.. which I believe is how she loses her weight so fast. and then all the running she does sounds anorexic.
    "Shit, I think I just confused myself. QUICK! Somebody hand me chalk, a chalkboard and Will Hunting's brain!" michael k -dlisted

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    I will never understand why she works out and cares so much about the appearance of her body when she has a face that only a mother could love. If I was her I would eat anything I wanted because fat or skinny she will never be attractive.

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