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Thread: Raquel Welch - Hollywoodland LA Premiere (09/07/06)

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    not even fucking close to Joan Rivers and nowhere near 80. Jezzuz fucking christ!

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    There's no denying she looks great for her age (what is she, like 100?) but I don't think she was ever that pretty really. It was all about her body when she was young. She always had that hook nose like a bird (more like a beak) and she's always worn tons of makeup.

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    ^^ I agree. Her body was spectacular but her face, not so much. She's apparently not much of a human being either. She has a rep of being a total bitch. She totally and deliberately upstaged her son's bride at their wedding, and was anything but friendly when cops came to her door after she called them about noisy neighbours. She's a bit like Faye Dunaway and Zsa Zsa Gabor when it comes to personality and diva behavior.

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    she looks great!
    people will dis her and say she looks old or whatever but we all wish to look as good as her when we are that age.

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