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Thread: Prince William and Kate Middleton have fun in Ibiza (09/01/2006)

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    Both of the boys are horrible looking, especially Harry. William's skin and hair are matching his swimwear. I wouldn't do him... he's FUG and probably has STDs from all the chicks who are willing to hop into the sack with him... EW!

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    The pictures are from such a distance you can't really see William's face. I can't say if he's 'losing his looks'. Ironically enough though, these pics remind me of the photographs printed all over the world of Diana's last summer before she died...all those pics of her and Dodi on a yacht sunbathing back in 1997.

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    He always has that red "flush" look on his face.

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    She's a tall girl cuz Prince William is like 6'2 and she isn't that much shorter than him.

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