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Thread: Pregnant Charlotte Church in a bikini on the beach (04/10/07)

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    shades of orange (peachy) are ok - but the color orange she's wearing should be burnt .. never to be duplicated...
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    I like peachy and coral shades. But that orange Charlotte is wearing--ugh. I don't know if even a supermodel would look good in that.

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    The woman close to me who have gotten pregnant only got more beautiful as their bellies grew. I noticed that their hair and skin would look healthier. The added weight looks pretty too, but all of these girls were skinny to begin with.

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    ^^^ive noticed on other women that pregnancy has actually made their faces more beautiful permenently. I felt this happened to Sara Jessica Parker, her face went from hardened and homely to a little softer--
    before baby


    the thing that scares me, or at least one of the things, is the bloating. Ive seen so many women including Tori Spelling, Britney spears, and Erika Eleniak get sooooo puffy- i dont mean the obvious fat/baby weight, i mean the water rention

    not pregnant FACE

    pregnant face bloat
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    Pregnancy did agree with SJP, as it often does with very thin, angular-looking women.
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