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Thread: Paris Hilton's Tacky Patch

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    ^^ You make a good case, but for some reason I'm not convinced. Perhaps she changed the costume, for some reason? Perhaps the one with the patch she wore first, then someone told her it was showing so she took it off and went skankier with a thong and thinner bra strap? **scratches head** I'm just confused why anyone would go through the trouble of all that photoshop work just for a "Paris is wearing the patch!" prank. **still befuddled**

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    it looks real to me. trent would never lie!
    All this can be yours for only $19.95!

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    Maybe it's covering where she had her STD or RABIES shot?

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    Here is where I found the patch picture. These all look legit. Close enough for her to have just changed the costume slightly for a different night.

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