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Thread: Paris Hilton and Adrian Grenier enjoy Malibu Beach (08/09/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voodoo Child View Post
    Was he a zombie? He could eat my flesh anyday!
    That depends. Do you mean zombie via being bitten by another mindless eating machine? Or do you mean zombie via being an actor trying to sort through the worst script ever? Because really, the entire movie is zombies. It's just that some of them wear makeup!!

    (alright, he's the hero and he does look awfully hot. but seriously, it's an AWFUL movie!)
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    I'm glad I only see her hanging out with male celebrities I cant stand. I think most smart people know by that paris' is a cunt that should be avoided.

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    Quote Originally Posted by analyzer View Post
    Thatís because they are pretty done! I refuse to believe thatís just weight gain. She as in she has breast..well not now but for a while now. Those are sooo implants, however its a good job cause they aren't too big and not hard. Kudos to her surgeon.
    They are real...just pushed up ALOT. And probably some cutlets in there too....There are some amazing bathing suits out there that will give you everything nature didn't.

    Look at her in some newer pics in dresses and clearly she is still flat as a board.

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