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Thread: Mischa Barton out & about in West Hollywood (12/18/2006)

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    Ok, it's official; I never ever want to see anybody's hip bones peeking out between their low-rise pants and top again. Never.

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    Looking good, as usual.

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    Take that!


    Well, actually, her 15 minutes are not quite up yet because she was signed on to be the official spokesmodel for Bebe clothing. Her face is all over their stores, bus stops, television commercials, and the like.
    Walk the runway. Always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilly Willy View Post
    Yep, she looks nice here. She has a weird shape, but a very pretty face.
    Quote Originally Posted by StayYoung&Pretty View Post
    i agree, her face is beautiful.
    At least she doesn't hang out with paris, nicole, or any of them anymore.
    I can't get over how clear her skin is! Maybe she actually has started to eat properly & RZ has stopped dealing meth.... ok, maybe not...

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