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Thread: Mischa Barton & Claudia Schiffer at the Marie Claire Awards (11/22/2006)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CherubRock View Post
    They both look incredibly boring. I used to think Claudia Schiffer was the epitome of gorgeous. Something about her has definitely changed.
    Same here...Claudia used to be so stunning. I noticed something was off when I saw her cameo in "Love Actually". She looked terrible!

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    Hey, does Mischa hang out with the rest of the bimbos anymore? I haven't seen her with Paris, Nicole, Lindsay, Nicky Hilton, or anyone for ages. Good girl! She actually seems smart. I think she dropped off from Paris after the whole Brandon Davis relationship, and the last I read, Nicky called her a "fat cow". She's the most gorgeous of the lot.

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