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Thread: Meryl Streep in 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards Press Room (01/15/07)

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    i don't think she's pretentious at all. confident, maybe, but not pretentious. classy and graceful all the way. i loved her speech at the globes.
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    I love Meryl, she's fabulous but this dress doesn't work. It's a young woman's dress, too soft and innocent for someone over 50 and makes her breasts disappear--and that's not a good thing. I also think that the color washes her out, she whould have gone for something bolder and a bit more structured.

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    I always wonder why women like her choose this type of dress. It's a complete washout on her. A drab nothing dress on most people, especially her. She's often a fashioin miss though, with a few good hits here and there.

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    Not fond of the dress, but it's the best I've seen her in. Picture 4 doesn't look like any plastic surgery.

    She is Hollywood Royalty and will more than likely be nominated for a record 14th Academy Award.
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