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Thread: Melissa Joan Hart at Friends of the Family benefit (06/02/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bomulll View Post
    how od is she?
    i honestly think she looks like 35 or 40 without overreacting
    She was born in 1976. She's been better looking than this, a bit chubbier if compared to the average-skanky showbiz girls now, but she was deffo healthier and much more beautiful than the so trendy skankies.

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    according to imdb, she was born april 18, 1976 which would make her 31.

    she's not looking stellar, but this is the best she's looked in at least the last 5 or so years.

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    I've never been a fan but I have to say she looks like any other half way goodlooking mother/wife at a wedding or similar event.
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