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Thread: Melanie Griffiths at Antonio Banderas' New Fragrance Launch Party (06/28/2006)

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    Default Re: Melanie Griffiths at Antonio Banderas' New Fragrance Launch Party (06/28/2006)

    Antonio's colognes have been selling in Spain and all over Europe for years. He has 3 or 4 colognes out. He also has a brand of bottled wines that carry his name also.

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    Default Re: Melanie Griffiths at Antonio Banderas' New Fragrance Launch Party (06/28/2006)

    Seriously, you believe a woman can steal a man from another woman?

    So, Antonio was happily, blissfully in love with his wife (I don't know anything about Antonio, so bear with me) and along came Melanie Griffith and like a succubus, made him do things he was unaware of and hypnotized him into leaving the love of his life for her..and somehow managed to keep him in this state for all these years??

    Remind me to switch out Antonio/Melanie's names for Brad/Angelina's; I'll sleep better knowing I'm not a hypocrite on this board.

    That said, Melanie's plastic face can still conjure horrifying images, but here she looks tolerable. She does not, however, look good for her age. Even her mother looks younger than she.

    As for her drinking problem, how she deals with it is her business - as long as her kids are safe and loved, she's got support and tries, I won't unleash hell on her.
    Claude os, aperi oculos!

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    Default Re: Melanie Griffiths at Antonio Banderas' New Fragrance Launch Party (06/28/2006)

    She looks better here than she has in years, good for her and her family, I like the haircut very flattering. Yes Antonio was married to a spaniard and he divorced her fast as soon as he got with Melanie, this woman supported him through his struggle to become famous and he dropped her like a hot potatoe once he got to Hollywood, oh well I belive in Karma and he will get his if he wronged his first wife like they say.
    I am glad it seems that Melanie has stopped doing anymore plastic surgery, she sure was smarter than Jennifer Anniston and did let Antonio get cozy with Angelina, no Sir she make sure nothing happened, I can't blame her!!
    Keep looking good Melanie.

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