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Thread: Mary-Kate Olsen at the Showtime Summer and Fall 2007 TCA's (07/14/07)

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    Freaky troll-bitch from hell. I despise her and her troll-let twin. Wastes of space. Talentless, useless, entitled twats who's best days(and acting) were before they could even open their little troll doll mouths. Why can't they just dissappear forever and take those creepy demon-possessed-looking big bug eyes with them?
    Don't slap me, cause I'm not in the mood!

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    Whoa......Total ANOREXIC.....Look at her neck!!! She looks about 20 years older.
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    Who's that guy with her? They look so cute together! You know he's got to be a munchkin because MK manages to make him look big and manly, lol.

    And, yeah, she does need to go back to raiding Ashley's closet.

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    i actually think she looks nice
    she looks happy for once
    and i really like what shes wearing

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    That's the actor who plays Silas on Weeds. Real name Hunter Parrish. He's a cutie and she will play his love interest from the neighboring planned Christian community called "Majestic" in the upcoming season.

    At first I was upset that this troll of a bad actress was getting a part on a show I love, but now the thought of Mary-Kate playing some xtreme Crazy Christian gives me a serious case of the lols. But seriously if she ruins the show, I'll cut her. Or at least knock her off those ridiculously high clown heels she wears all the time.

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