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Thread: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen @ Teen Vogue Party (11/16/06)

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    Mary Kate scares the shit out of me. I get a serial killer vibe from her. Sometimes, I think that's intentional.

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    Mary-Kate, as always, looks coked out of her mind and her hair is gross. I can understand if she likes the way it looks long, but it seems like when going out in public she'd at least brush it. She looks like the type of person my mom would have accused of having lice in elementary school. I think Ashley's hair looked better blonde, but at least it's clean.

    Ashley (in robotic, computerized Coneheads-esque voice): Mibs! My facial expression chip is frozen again. Eeeehhh! Eeeehh!! (panicking)
    Mary-Kate: Unacceptable. When we get home. We. Will. be Reprogammed.

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