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Thread: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen at HBO's Annual Pre-Golden Globe Reception (01/13/07)

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    They look like bizarre characters from a scary movie.
    Do they DO anything anymore besides shop and get photographed?
    Is the acting gig over with?

    "A massive penis means never having to say you're sorry". Mo

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    I'm not a fan of Ashley's hair style; not quite sure what's going on there. And those shoes look like they're killing her feet. The must be too big for her because her toes are all scrunched at the bottom and there's a gap at the back where her heel should be sitting.
    Oddly enough, compared to Ashley, MK's not looking so ridiculous.
    ~ Catharine

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    They don't have stylists. They always do there own thing. I think they are just expressing there personalities, and sadly it doesn't look healthy in any type of way.

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    If they're expressing their personalities, their personalites are dismal and fucked-up.

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    Mary-Kate is the one with the fur. I hate people who wear fur but regardless, she looks like crap. Ashley's dress looks stupid but I love her hair-style.

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    Oh. My. God. What on earth? No, seriously: what on earth? I wouldn't know where to start, so I won't even begin. Both of them are FREAKS.

    Quote Originally Posted by sprynkles View Post
    They look like bizarre characters from a scary movie.
    Have you seen Anne Bancroft in "Great Expectations"? That's MK.

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