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Thread: Mariah Carey at the Pinko photocall in London (02/15/07)

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    i kind of feel badly for her bc she reminds me of a chick who USED to be thin and is now heavy and her mind hasnt accepted it. Similiar to Pam Anderson who USED to be hot but isnt anymore but dresses the same and wears the heavy makeup thinking shes still 22, pre kids, pre hepc, pre hard partying

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    I think Mariah believes that if she keeps dressing that way and can wedge herself into the outfit, that one will notice she's gained the weight and she doesn't have to admit to it.

    She's definitely in denial

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    I don't fancy PINKO outfits and Mariah has the wrong silhouette to fit them. She's cute, yeah, but she's not tall, short legs and pretty chubby.

    So this season outfits are crap.
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