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Thread: Maria Menounos arrives at LAX Airport (08/25/2006)

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    Apparently I cat's claws between her and the other co-host of AH, Nancy O'Dell! Makeup dept. schedules them apart!!

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    Thumbs up Maria's sweet toosh

    I'm sorry but I got annoyed reading your replies. You are confused. Don't let that picture fool you into what Maria's butt looks like. She's totally HOT and her butt is one of the nicest I've seen...and I have the proof to justify it. Enjoy the links below!!!

    Note - If anyone has any more pics of her butt (especially in jeans), please submit your links.

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    ^ I couldn't open the file.

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    Maybe her weight fulctuates since mtlebay mentioned that she was overweight when she was younger. Maybe she just gained a few pounds the past couple of weeks and it all went to her ass in addition to the extra weight being magnified by unflattering jeans. Just a thought.

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    I agree, her voice is annoying and I don't think she's pretty at all. She looks like a mouse. But I've always liked the way she dresses on t.v....she always looks stylish. Most of the time I see her on t.v., I usually think "I like her coat, her dress, her outfit, ..." etc...

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    she's very pretty! the jeans are just very, very unflattering, but her ass looks ok - it just doesn't fit to the rest of her body at all. she's very thin and it seems like it all goes right into her ass.

    i found a nicer picture without the horrible jeans:

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