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Thread: Lindsay Lohan going to an AA meeting in West Hollywood (01/21/07)

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    There is no need to cover your face sweetie.....WE KNOW!!

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    This whole rehab thing is just another fake story. She's probably getting new implants as we speak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovelyday View Post
    Can someone clarify what she is wearing? Are those bloomers on the outside of her tights? Is it a shirt just tucked into her crotch? What on earth is she wearing?
    That pink thing covering her pelvic area appears to me to be the bottom of a leotard. Looks like she's wearing black tights (heavy cotton ones like little girls wear) under the leotard, and then she's pulled a t-shirt on over top of it all. Maybe she was practicing dancing for her current movie (playing a stripper, I read)?

    It does like she's wearing bloomers or cheerleader panties!

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    Quote Originally Posted by suede View Post
    None whatsoever
    not true.......when you are in rehab you HAVE to attend AA or NA meetings almost daily. It is part of the program.......there is nothing unusual about her leaving for a meeting

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