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Thread: Kelly Osbourne shopping in NYC (03/07/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Born In A Brothel View Post
    I can believe that.

    I think it's sad the way kids are getting fatter and fatter. I hardly ever see kids out playing in the neighborhood, it's like they are all stuck indoors glued to video games or the television.
    In my kids case, they aren't outside in the neighborhood because of all the child predators. There were two abduction attempts in the last month. But we go to the park.

    Kelly does have pretty skin. I wonder why we never see Amy? She's very pretty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warren View Post
    She had no chance in the looks department, being the kid of OZZY.
    actually if you look at pictures of a young ozzy, he had a rather angelic, pretty face. it's sharon the potato head she got her looks from. before all her ps, she was a mutt.

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    I really don't think she's all that heavy, she just has a round, chubby face which makes her look a heck of alot bigger then she is (not saying she couldn't stand to drop a few pounds, but she's far from being obese)

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    I stabd with the "Ugly face, not so bad bofy" here.
    I don't think that losing weight would help her much: in my opinion, she has great skin but ugly facial features. I especially dislike her mouth.

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