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Thread: Keira Knightley with her mother going to local chemist in London (01/12/07)

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    Default Keira Knightley: I have a huge penis

    What is that striking young man doing with that old lady? I'd like to get into his trousers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daphne View Post
    Why is she dressed like Johnny Depp?
    He's dressed that way to hide his huge penis.

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    I love the pants.

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    I love the androginous look, especially the pants. Overall I think it´s a very posh, sophisticated, "Londoner" look, and by this time of the year London is quite chilly, so I´m sure she´s not trying to hide anything but she´s protecting herself from the cold, as is her mother. I like that she´s got a style of her own and it goes towards very urban outfits.

    Although of course, she´s a little too overdressed to go to a chemist.

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