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Thread: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise head out for dinner in Cap d’Antibes, France (06/19/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by StayYoung&Pretty View Post
    I was reading a jackie collins interview recently and they asked her what she thought about Tom and Katie since she apparently writes characters and stories that are based on celebrities. And she said- 'I've seen them around town [LA] and they look really happy and in love. I dont know what everyone else is talking about. It seems very genuine.
    Sure they are.

    Jackie Collins also said in an interview that one of the reasons she is privvy to so many celebrity secrets is because she keeps her mouth shut and never names names. So, of course, she's going to say TomKat is happy and normal. What she writes will be something else altogether.

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    They look like the Undead here, especially Tom in that pale purple shirt.
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