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Thread: Katie Holmes - David Orgell Jewelry Store (10/18/06)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollyweird View Post
    Could it be they don't take Suri out is because of all the paparazzi frenzy it would cause? The paps would be all over them trying to get a picture of the baby. You would think if they did take her out more, the paps would slow down, but I don't think they would. Maybe same for Brad/Angie with Shiloh.
    This is probably the case now but it wouldn't be such a huge paparazzi deal if they'd just started off more visibly, instead of seemingly hiding the kid. If I was them, and knew that just about everyone thought my child didn't really exist, I believe I'd take him/her out in public a few times just to disavow the notion. They might be all over them at first, but I definitely believe it wouldn't be nearly as bad as it will be should they ever decide to grace the public with an "out and about" family pic.

    Which I think we will not see for a very long time, if ever.

    Also, I do think she looks better in these pics than she has for ages. That color (looks like fuchsia on my screen) suits her well.
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    Not an ounce of style. And yes, where is the lovely pillow she carried around for 11 fucking months?
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    I think the thing that appeared in Vanity Fair as their baby (a Tom-Katie morph photoshopped with a real baby that someone rented for the shoot) was not actually Suri, and they have to wait until she gets old enough to where that's not painfully obvious. Either that, or they still haven't been able to obtain a baby.

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    She has the aura of Stepford wife..a little like Nicole did in the early days.

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