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Thread: Kate Moss pokes at London Fashion Week - Topshop (09/17/06)

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    what's wrong with her face? it looks bad here, she looks old and wasted
    Drugs. It always begins to show, sooner or later.

    I agree, I just don't see it
    skinny drug addict without a bra, big deal
    I agree. Who can't rock an old pair of jeans and a plain shirt?
    (Apart from me, that is - always was a dressy kind of girl)

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    I don’t think she looks that bad and old considering the fact she doesn’t wear any makeup, maybe some very light, invisible one. Many younger Hollywood stars would be lucky if they could show up like this in front of photographers. She doesn’t need silicones, hairstylists, makeup artists, fake nails and lashes to go public. And it’s not like she has to create endless poses for photographers like Paris Hilton. Maybe she’s a drug addict, but she’s realer than most of the Hollywood.

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    It's refreshing to see some wide leg jeans for a change. I'm sick of seeing skinny jeans everywhere.

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