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Thread: Kate Beckinsale shopping in Beverly Hills (06/17/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtlebay View Post
    I love Kate, however, with all the smiling, all the PDA--you do realize Kate & Len are aware that there's photogs 2 metres away from them in the store?!
    Hell, I don't blame them. If someone was going to follow me around and take pictures of something as mundane as shopping, I would give them one hell of a show

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    I do think Kate and Len generally love each other though. I have seen a photo where Len looks annoyed and kate has her arms folded and looks unhappy too- that might have been an argument. I dont get a 'its all for show' vibe from them. I just think they adore each other. They're both smoking hot, so why not!

    And even if you were unhappy, i'd still smile because you know the press would make up a story that you were splitting and despised each other if you were to so much as frown in your partners general direction.

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