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Thread: Jessica Simpsons at The Killers Concert (10/07/2006)

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    I wear black, but not because I'm depressed(which I am, at times) but because it's a cool color and it looks good with so many other colors, like red, pink, purple, just to name a few. Messica probably wears black because it's slimming and/or because her stylist tells her to wear it. Anyway, what grosses me out the most about these pictures is the greasy hair with the black roots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MillionDollarBaby View Post
    But Guys...... come on!!! Didn't you know JS is such a DEEp... ArtIST!

    that is why she wears black & goes to the Killers concerts...

    she is an R TEEST! A deep thinker
    And don't forget, a 'Rock Scientist' LMAO.

    "A massive penis means never having to say you're sorry". Mo

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    Quote Originally Posted by olivia720 View Post
    Is she ever seen with anyone but freakin Ken Paves??

    She must pay him to accompany her in lieu of doing something decent with her hair.

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