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Thread: Jessica Simpson on location for "Blonde Ambition" (11/28/2006)

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    I hate her ass. Such a pleasure to watch her going down.
    *leans back and munches popcorn*

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    i think shes on drugs honestly...there is something so "sleeze" about her face, and I dont mean PS...its just that hardened look from partying. And she didnt have it 3 years ago.

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    Isn't this movie a remake of "Working Girl"? First of all, wasn't that movie made in the 80's? Why are we remaking movies that were made in the 80's? Why do they have to remake movies at all, especially movies that were perfect, and nominated for several Oscars? That = stupid. Second of all, why do they even cast Chestica for anything? She's horrible. She can't act and she's dumber than a box of hair. Bleah.

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    I cant help but say she looks exactly like the girls who walk down the street unnoticed in my town. There is nothing special about her. If she didn't have D cups, and look half decent in a ton of makeup, no one would care so much.

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