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Thread: Jessica Simpson at "The Early Show" at CBS' Plaza (09/04/2006)

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    I guess her hair? But that's not hers anyways

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    Forget firing the stylist, Jessica needs to kick Ken Paves ass for giving her this haircut. She is not a short hair kinda girl. She looked her best with longer flowing hair. And that dress would be ugly on everyone. It cuts her cleavage in half. The color is awful and those boots just highlight her stumps for legs. Man, I must be crabby today or she really looks like crap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by glamazon View Post
    I will say this...I'm feeling her boots. Those are some girl pirate boots.

    where can I get boots like these?! she has black ones, and I want to wear them with my jeans and get all Capn Jack in them!
    Thr boots are from her new shoe line. I know Macys, Nordstrom, and Lord & Taylor sells them. You can also get them here.

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    Cute boots but the dress I don't like

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