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Thread: Jessica Simpson backstage at People's Choice Awards (Exclusive)

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    Default Re: Jessica Simpson backstage at People's Choice Awards (Exclusive)

    This is the nicest I've seen her look for ages, that dress is lovely.
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    Default Re: Jessica Simpson backstage at People's Choice Awards (Exclusive)

    Quote Originally Posted by redheadlauren
    That was the first thing I thought when I saw the pics .... even before the pic showing her face!
    I saw a leg, with jeans, and I was like WHAT IN THE HELL? ... then the next photo showed that it was her mom. JiminyFuckinChristmas.

    We had read that Jessica was gonna be opening up the show ... and my husband was waiting with his tongue out. He just KNEW that her boobs were gonna pop out of that "dress" when she started dancing. I was actually hoping they would .....
    Oh man I was just hoping those puppies werent going to jump out while she was shakin her ass. At the end she did like a little bow and Im saying out loud "oh no she gonna lose one of those". My husband was on the computer at the time and said "lose what?" I said her boobs are spilling over her dress and there gonna come out. Just made me nervous.

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