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Thread: Jessica Biel - Premiere of "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" NYC (07/18/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheONe View Post
    ^^So tell me how you really feel! lol, I would have to disagree with every statement you just made! Although she isn't the best actress in the world she isnt the worst I have seen. And how can you say that she is boring?? Do you know her?
    I agree. I think she's lovely, mannish or not. She just looks fit, healthy and toned, so therefore she's "mannish" to some people.

    I mean I don't care for all this press about her and Justin Timberlake which seems to be for publicity but as an actress I like her and at least she LOOKS healthy, unlike so many weedy, emaciated actresses.

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    Fit and toned is one thing. Jessica Biel isn't feminine. She looks like a frickin LINEBACKER. I don't care what color lipstick she wears or what kind of dress she has on....she's not feminine or beautiful. Horsey teeth, broad shoulders, no charisma, no talent, fake nose.....You can keep her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuisfan1234 View Post
    I take HER body but keep my face, and the lipstick makes her LOOK NASTY!
    ^^You read my mind! Smokin' body. I'd trade it for my turkey wings and sides in a heartbeart, just from the neck down.

    However, having said that, gotta add that she's a mediocre actress at best and has ZERO charisma. When she was on Seventh Heaven, her attempts to emote were painful to watch.
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    She's looked better than this...I'm not digging the hair or the dress.
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    I think she looks pretty good. Does anybody know how tall she is?

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