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Thread: Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake together in the UK (05/15/07)

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    They look as a nice cuople, even if the black&white photo of Jess is freaking me out. I am happy Justin is done with Cameron.
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    I like the fact that they are not all over our face with it.
    Can you imagine if it's Lohan dating JT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HollyLove View Post
    He could do SO much better than her!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OoOitzCathyOoO View Post
    They make a really good couple...good for them!
    Agreed. They're cute together.

    Quote Originally Posted by RandomlyCrazy View Post
    JT isn't that decent of a guy. He's cocky as hell and he acted like a wimp when that whole Janet Jackson thing happened at the Superbowl. You know they both planned that thing together but he let Janet take all the heat.
    ^I'm just curious. How is it that he let Janet "take all the heat"? I've heard a lot of people say things similar to that about the Superbowl fiasco. I don't get it.
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