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Thread: Jessica & Ashlee Simpson go to the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood (01/20/07)

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    This is the oddest looking group of people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southernbelle View Post
    The friend in the skinny jeans and the white top is Ashlee's childhood best friend, Lauren Zelman. She was a student at UT and dropped out to pursue her "career" as a "star," which consists mainly of following Ashlee around and appearing in the video for LaLa.

    I don't know who the girl in the lumberjack outfit is, but I think she must be some sort of relative because she looks like Tina Simpson in hell.
    That's a good way to pursue a career, being a drop out "dummy"... but anyways, maybe that's her aunt the lumberjack lady...

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    I hate how they wear their hair down and all matted lately, wtf?
    They used to be such pretty girls before they tried to go all Barbie doll
    All you can do at life is play along and hope that sometimes you get it right.

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    It seems Jessica has been taking taking beauty tips from Britney. Ashlee doesn't look too bad but who or what is that thing/person she is holding hands with? Man? Woman? Danny Devito in drag?

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