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Thread: Jessica Alba playing with her pit bulls in Vancouver (07/27/2006)

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    Default Re: Jessica Alba playing with her pit bulls in Vancouver (07/27/2006)

    Awwww....she looks like she is having a great time!

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    Default Re: Jessica Alba playing with her pit bulls in Vancouver (07/27/2006)

    Quote Originally Posted by Shugachile0226
    Word! she betta be careful or that pretty face of her is going to get mangled. Those dogs are so unpredicatable and tempermental.
    That's a stereotype. Sure pitbulls are vicious animals, but is all in how you raise them. Although it is hard, you can train pitbulls to be friendly to anyone because they are very, very protective of their owner. I have owned about 5 pitbulls and currently own one and it would know better than to bite me. Any dog can be mean or nice, you the owner just have to know what you're doing and whether or not you want a meanass dog that mawls ppl to death or a pussy, lol. The reason pitbulls have picked up this stereotype is cuz assholes out there make money off them by fighting them and training them to be vicious animals. I heard a rumor somewhere that california is trying to pass a law to ban all pitbulls and put all current ones to sleep, or some bullshit like that.

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