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Thread: Jessica Alba at The Button Store (03/29/2006)

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    Default Re: Jessica Alba at The Button Store (03/29/2006)

    Laundry days??? Do people actually do that? I can't imagine it at all. I'm living with my mum at the minute and she just washes clothes every day. If you actually have a specific laundry day and are running out of clothes by them so have to wear whatever is left, doesn't that mean you only have 7 tops and 7 bottoms???

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    Default Re: Jessica Alba at The Button Store (03/29/2006)

    THis view make her look like britney spears...
    I'm running... catching up.... On this crazy spinning world!!

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    Default Re: Jessica Alba at The Button Store (03/29/2006)

    I like her underwear. What is so tacky about it?

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