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Thread: Jennifer Love Hewitt shopping at Michael's (12/??/2006)

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    She's gained weight...she looks really good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Femmefatale View Post
    this is another katie holmes-esq body type where the upper body just does not match the lower body---in JLH's case, the upper body is that of a 105lb person whereas the lower body is that of a 135lb person...shes quite squatty and wide--huge hips/ass, stumpy legs
    this is part of the problem for women today - when 135 lbs equates to "wide" and "huge". Good Lord, for most proportioned women, 135 is still a size 6 or 8.
    You were lucky to have me. But you know what? I think I already got the best part of you. And she's standing right out there. I don't know... what's left just doesn't look so good anymore. Hope Floats

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