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Thread: Jennifer Hawkins at Westfield Parramatta shopping centre (04/12/07)

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    Her eyes are pretty striking to me. I remember thinking she was the most beautiful and graceful contestant during that particular Miss Universe pageant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    This woman spends her WHOLE life at shopping malls doing various promotions. She's coming to my local Westfield next weekend but I have NO idea why. Is she the 'face of Westfield' perhaps?? She's pretty enough and has a great bod but she's a bit bland really. You're right - you can see equally gorgeous girls on any Aussie beach every day. In fact I think she was 'discovered' on a beach - surf lifeguard? - before she entered Miss Universe.
    still thats pretty fucking hot lol and what makes her attractive and "special" is not just her looks but her whole manner and personality, hence why she won miss universe

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    I heard she's a complete bitch, and then I saw ehr on Australias Next Top Model and she wasn't very nice to the girls who had won a contest to meet her. Pfftt. Shes not all that at all for a start, and would be even less without the boob job and nose job.

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    I find her quite pretty but I was very surprised to hear that she's only 21. She looks 25 at least.

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    She and the recent Miss Canada Universe are my favorites ever.

    The thing I liked most about Jennifer is that she looked quite natural and wholesome on the Miss Universe stage compared to the other heavily made up women. She also had this 'regular' persona about if she won, great and if she didn't she'd go back to what she did before. I never got the impression that the title defined her if that makes sense.

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