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Thread: Jennifer Aniston @ Nobu Restaurant (05/18/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRAZY 'N' NUTS View Post
    ^^ yes but it's a good thing

    **tries to look serious**

    I want to see all the Angelina haters come in and defend her.
    I hate Angelina and Aniston. I'm an equal opportunity hater. Kidding. I don't hate, just intensely dislike.

    I would say she should change her hair, but I can't imagine any other style that would work on her. In this instance, she is in definite need of a hairbrush.

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    Jennifer's updated nose is settling in nicely. I think she looks great - she has a look, and she pulls it off. Still a bit scrawny, but not too unattractively so. She comes off looking healthy, unlike a lot of other emaciated celebs.

    Bonejelina is another story. She's all protruding veins and bones - in her recent pictures, she didn't look quite alive. It was like a scene from Interview with a Vampire, where Brad takes a skeleton to the ball. With the boobs improbably jutting out from the bones like a shelf.

    Angelina Jolie Photos :
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    She's so cute, that'll always be my opinion on her. She also has a nice and simple style, which is great.

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