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Thread: Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox at the premiere of "The Tripper" (04/11/07)

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    They both look healthy and glowing. Jen is attractive through maintenance but not naturally pretty like Courtney.

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    I don't usually find Jen or Courtney attractive but they look pretty here. And they're not old but they are aging well.
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    I think they look really pretty, but I like both of them.

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    I agree with those who don't see much special about Courtney Cox. And what she had, she's losing fast. She's wasting away, not just in the body but in the face, too - she looks more and more drawn as the years go by. She always seems like she's really worried about something.

    Jennifer Anniston at least looks more vibrant, like she probably eats 1-1/2 meals a day to Courtney's 1/2 a day, and she looks like she worries a lot less.

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