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Thread: Janice Dickinson attends SF Fashion Week Event at the Clift Hotel (08/24/2006)

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    That dress is nice but her boobs....they look like 2 rocks!

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    At least her lips look somewhat normal. She must have an appt to go get an injection soon.

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    I just don't care for her's like "FUCK EVERYONE...IT'S MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" She's opened her own modeling agency and a prospective client voiced his anxiety about having to keep an eye on Janice more so than her models at a public fashion showcase for his underwear company.

    She jumped into a fountain wearing a one-of-a-kind designer dress and proceeded to pose for cameras. The dress was ruined and the designer was so upset he almost refused to provide the clothing he had promised for her models for the big opening of her agency. Her partner at the agency had to beg and plead with the designer to get the clothes. Janice returns from her little romp and tells her partner she fell in the fountain.

    She can be just soooo inappropriate, goofy and embarassing. (She's really good at making herself look like an asshole.) I think all her potential clients and her partner should think it over several times before going with her.

    PS. In just about every picture I've seen her, she's got to have this bass-mouthed, wide-eyed maniac look.

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    I love her. She's batshit crazy, but hiarious.
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    She looks like someone who has gone off their meds..yet again.
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